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For Equity in Health


Coast to Coast


Health should not be a privilege.

Wingspan is a student-led healthcare consulting initiative addressing health inequity across the US.

We consult with clinics and nonprofit providers and help them spread their cause. Wingspan empowers teens to support existing initiatives, launch their own, and foster change via other avenues. 

Wingspan branches address the many sides and roots of health to improve health across the board. From mental health to education access, our work includes both immediate relief and structural solutions.

The National Team and its branches create a united front of health across the country, while our unique structure still allows students to put their communities first.

Overseas Orphan Penpals

Central Texas Wingspan, October 2020

Wingspan, in its first global health project, has connected over 100 teens with orphans and others at The Needy Today in Sierra Leone to provide mental health resources and repair communities ravaged by Ebola.

Health Equity Case Comp

National Wingspan, August 2020

Wingspan partnered with West Oakland Health Council and Community Health Care Network to mobilize the community on fighting health inequity and raise over $500

COVID-19 Case Comp

National Wingspan, April 2020

Teams from 12 states and provinces addressed COVID-caused challenges faced by shelters and homeless healthcare providers and raised over $2000 for frontline workers helping the homeless.

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