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Our Vision

Wingspan Solutions, or Wingspan, is a student-led healthcare consulting initiative founded to promote health equity. Since Wingspan's founding in 2019 pre-pandemic, society has seen the systemic health inequity.

A cause as multifaceted as health equity

needs an equally multifaceted effort.

Though originally a one-person consultancy, Wingspan has grown to tap the upswell of youth activism to make health fairer. In multiple states, we empower teens to address their community's most pressing health needs. With our guidance, we help scale these regional projects into nationwide initiatives.

Our Process

Wingspan operates throughout the country via its regional branches. Our branches let us work closely with communities to tackle their most significant sources of health inequity. 

We consult with organizations and empower them to spread their cause.  Wingspan teaches teens fundamental skills and creates opportunities for them to apply them, empowering them to support existing organizations, launch their own, and foster change via other avenues. 


Wingspan Solutions's agility and multifacetedness enable it to take on as large a cause as health inequity. Please see more in our Projects and Clients tabs.


Bill Li
Director of Operations

Bill Li is a student at Dougherty Valley High School ('22). He is an active varsity policy and public forum debater. He serves as co-president of the PLAY Math Subgroup, a non-profit offering math tutoring and test-prep for elementary schoolers. Bill has experience organizing events and succeeding in hackathons. He frequently uses his computer science background to solve technical challenges.


He looks forward to serving the community as a part of Wingspan Solutions.

Vineeta Muvvala
Director of Public Relations

Vineeta Muvvala is a student at Lynbrook High School (’23). With an interest in business, art, and public speaking, she currently serves as an officer in DECA and Intersections, a social justice club. Vineeta also participates in various hackathons and entrepreneurship competitions. She is currently learning how to code in Python and Java.
In her free time, she enjoys baking new recipes, folding origami, and learning new tools in graphic design.

National Wingspan Team

Teagan Krewson
Executive Director

Teagan Krewson is a student at Dripping Springs High School ('22). She holds office in multiple organizations and is the President of DSHS's DECA Chapter, Psychology Honors Society, and Vinyl Club. In 2021 she placed in the Top 10 for Entrepreneurship Series in DECA's International Career Development Conference. As Wingspan Solution's '21-'22 Executive Director, she hopes to utilize her passions for business, philanthropy, and leadership to uplift others.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, archery, playing the guitar, and photography- both in a professional and recreational capacity.

Teresa Brod
Director of Branches

Teresa Brod is a student at Dripping Springs High School (’23). She is an active participant in multiple national organizations such as HOSA and the Spanish Honors Society. She is interested in entering the medical field after graduation and is passionate about community service.  Teresa frequently acts as a peer tutor and enjoys participating in educational opportunities. 


Her other actives include: playing the violin, painting, and reading about philosophy.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 5.43_edited.jpg
Emma Satine
Director of Finance

Emma Satine is a student at Dripping Springs High School ('23). She is a part of the National Honors Society and Spanish Honors Society. She has led organizational efforts for programs to aid elementary students coming into middle school. Emma frequently volunteers at barns, learning about veterinary practices and their organizational structures. 


In her free time, she reads 5-8 books a month, cuddles with her dog Bandit, and works as a gift-wrapper for Macy’s.

Our Founder

David Zhi LuoZhang

David Zhi graduated from Dougherty Valley High School ('21) with extensive nonprofit and leadership experience. He founded Wingspan Solutions in 2019 and has attained high office within organizations like DECA, FBLA, Science Alliance, and CSF. He is currently attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania ('25).

In his free time, he enjoys discussing economics, playing guitar, and following geopolitics and global development (His blog:

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