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Wingspan is built on a supportive network of highly-motivated students throughout the USA who want to help the organizations in their community, expanding Wingspan’s positive impact far beyond the San Francisco Bay Area. Each Wingspan Branch oversees a state, province, or designated geographic service area. Branches are filled with local leaders who wish to utilize Wingspan's 3 R's to further their community goals and Wingspan’s mission of helping organizations and communities.

The 3 R’s:

  1. Reputation - Being part of a larger nationwide organization lends your branch greater credibility. The affiliation opens the door to more opportunities for community outreach.

  2. Resources - Branches can receive incredible financial help, human capital, ready-made materials, guides, and advice from other branches and from the Executive Team.

  3. Reach - Branches are connected to a nationwide network of supportive similarly-driven high schoolers to help with planning and executing otherwise challenging initiatives.

Branches have tremendous flexibility in how they choose to serve their communities best. However, all Wingspan Branches follow a two-element core of consistent educational opportunities, like workshops or volunteering, punctuated by larger community-partnered events.




We are always looking for ambitious high schoolers eager to spread Wingspan's core mission of providing a platform to help local leaders create change in their communities.


Starting your own branch is an exceptional opportunity to grow yourself as both a leader and a humanitarian. Contact us at, and the National Wingspan Team will work you through the steps to set up a Wingspan branch in your state, province, or region.

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