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David Zhi LuoZhang
Founder/Executive Director


Who we've helped in our fight for health equity:

Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless
COVID-19 Case Competition

ACHCH is a network of health centers and community-based organizations that provide medical services to people experiencing homelessness.

  • Identified pandemic-related challenges and suggested potential solutions.

  • Crowdsourced more solutions, including pod-based shelter social distancing, apps for street health teams, and public policy steps to use unused facilities.
  • Raised over $2000 through our Case Competition.

  • Featured in The Lemonade Stand, one of the largest student start-up magazines

  • Letter of Recognition from ACHCH

West Oakland Health Council
Health Equity Case Competition

WOHC is an East Bay community clinic, serving predominately BIPOC and low-income communities, that spawned the nationwide community care movement during the Civil Rights Era.

  • Generated nonprofit and policy solutions that would reduce health inequities across multiple fronts like mental and intergenerational health.

  • Engaged communities in the national conversation about injustice in America.

  • Raised over $500 through our Case Competition.

Community Health Center Network
Health Equity Case Competition

CHCN is a network of 90+ care sites serving 130,000 people a year. It provides healthcare administrative support so providers can focus on their patients.

  • Helped coordinate a network-wide social media campaign, in conjunction with WOHC, to keep the community well-informed.

  • Crowdsourced nonprofit and policy solutions for marginalized groups amid 2020's reckoning with injustice.

The Needy Today
Overseas Orphan Penpal Project

The Needy Today is a Sierra Leonese orphanage and clinic founded in the aftermath of their devastating Civil War. It has since expanded to provide for those affected by Ebola, those with disabilities, and women facing violence including genital mutilation.

  • Provided mental health resources and cross-cultural exchange opportunities by connecting over 50 teens in America with orphans in Sierra Leone.

  • Was Wingspan's first major global health project.

Aunt Bette's Community Pantry
North Texas Pantry Project

Aunt Bette's Community Pantry works to alleviate food insecurity in the Dallas area. Located in an area with a poverty rate above 40% and food insecurity rate above 20%, the organization distributes over 700,000 pounds of food each year. It is one of the few pantries still operating amid the pandemic. 

  • Provided logistical support and organized volunteer drivers to ensure a steady delivery of stock from the North Texas Food Bank.
  • Added flexibility to how and where the pantry could provide its services to its communities. 
North Texas Food Bank
North Texas Pantry Project

The North Texas Food Bank is a hunger relief organization that distributes food to food-insecure households through its network of partners in thirteen counties. Due to the pandemic, its aid is increasingly needed by the community but more difficult to provide.

  • Provided logistical support via volunteer deliveries to ferry supplies to regional distribution centers within the community.

  • Delivered closer to recipients, making it safer for at-risk individuals. 

  • Reduced volume made easier the implementation of social distancing at the pantry.

The Road Home
Essay Competition: The Road Home & Health Equity

The Road Home is a network of homeless shelters in Salt Lake County and Wasatch Front, Utah.

  • Solicited input from high schoolers across Utah and the West Coast on how shelters could adapt amid the pandemic.

  • Raised over $800 to support homeless health.

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