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Food Insecurity

The North Texas branch of Wingspan Solutions was founded in August 2020 by Cyrus Rose and Ava Garderet. The branch is based in Dallas and has its sights on combating food deserts in the community through volunteer food delivery services, softening the impact of COVID-19 on the health of people in marginalized communities. 

Community Projects

In the future, the North Texas branch seeks to become a part of Wingspan’s existing national virtual tutoring effort to reduce the widespread educational impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the priority given to students from marginalized neighborhoods.

The branch is exploring partnerships with organizations such Meals on Wheels America, the North Texas Food Bank, and other existing organizations with our shared goal of widespread food security. Our goal is to efficiently and consistently provide food for youth who need it, especially as COVID-19 worsens conditions for underserved youth nationwide.

What We Do

The North Texas branch works to improve the health of youth in marginalized communities that is harmed by lack of food availability. In neighborhoods that are considered to be food desserts, we seek to offer food delivery services essential for growth and development of teens, the catalyst for improved health and academic success.


President - Cyrus Rose
Vice President - Ava Garderet

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Follow us on Instagram: @texaswingspan

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