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Homeless & Minority Health

National Wingspan evolved from the original Northern California Wingspan Branch, serving as the national headquarters of Wingspan Solutions. It additionally operates locally as the Northern California Branch and offers the same consulting, event management, and grant-sourcing services as before.


Wingspan Solutions maintains a nationwide presence through its far-reaching projects. Its most recent project was an online COVID-19 Case Competition which attracted competitors from 12 different states and provinces. The event raised over $2000 for frontline health workers and generated scores of innovative proposals to address COVID-related challenges faced by the homeless and the people that care for them.

National Wingspan has also launched a nationwide virtual tutoring and college guidance program in marginalized communities that have been hurt by recent education disruptions. The program is 100% free, is open to all ages, and offers 1-on-1 help for all subjects, including standardized test prep and college assistance for high schoolers. Tutors may also receive volunteer hours for certain service clubs.

To get tutored, please visit

To be a tutor, please visit

To supplement their education, National Wingspan is launching online workshops to help students stay informed and productive during the COVID-19 isolation, teaching them fundamental life skills and helping them succeed in their own community projects.

What We Do

National Wingspan sets Wingspan's strategic goals and national focus, oversees the expansion of the organization, and leads​ the entire Wingspan network in hosting high-profile multinational events and challenging large-scale projects. We unite communities across the country in a common front for some causes, like our national focus of healthcare inequity, while helping regional branches solve local issues via financial, logistical, resource, and marketing aid.

Locally, Northern California Wingspan offers event management, operations consulting, and grant-sourcing services to community organizations throughout Northern California.


Please read more about our local services here.


Executive Director - David Zhi LuoZhang

Director of Operations - Bill Li

Director of Public Relations - Vineeta Muvvala

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Follow us on Instagram: @nationalwingspan

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