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National Wingspan Client Services

Event Consulting

High school case competitions and hackathons are relatively new phenomena. Our events build off of high school talent and upwards ambition. Simultaneously, we strive for greater equity by subsidizing competitors on a case-by-case basis to bring in more people from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. 


While industry-sponsored high school events have grown significantly, the overwhelming majority are programming hackathons, saturating one industry while neglecting others. Wingspan Solutions’s flexibility makes it ideal to aid any organization from one of these underserved spaces. While attendance is dependent on a myriad of factors, including the field and nature of the competition, most non-programming hackathons can expect a median of 60 teenagers, with an upper-end of 100 and a lower-end of 40.

Wingspan Solutions's hackathons are the premiere hackathon of their kind and play a key role in introducing high schoolers to the intricacies of running a nonprofit. By increasing the nonprofit's presence in its community and spreading awareness to their causes and operations, we also connect driven high schoolers with nonprofit opportunities and mitigate generational brain drain with a stream of fresh ideas.

Wingspan Solutions plans and executes events specific to each organization’s needs to create a platform for spreading the organization’s core mission and a fast-paced creative atmosphere for breeding new ideas.

Our services include:

  • Pre-Event Research & Planning

  • Event Marketing

  • Event Logistics

  • Event Operations

  • Post-Event Data Collection 


There will generally be three parties involved with each event: the partnered nonprofit, Wingspan Solutions, and additional financial sponsors. The diagram below outlines how each party interacts with the other to bring an event to reality.


Grant & Operations Consulting

The San Fransisco Bay Area is currently home to more than 6,600 nonprofits, of which roughly a third provide healthcare services. Nearly a third of all financial contributions to charities are done through government and foundation grants. With traditional fundraiser events canceled because of Covid-19 and an impending recession, the share contributed by private individuals is likely to fall while demand for the aforementioned organizations’ services is likely to rise. Thus, it is imperative that organizations make ready use of the available grants to sustain operations, and Wingspan Solutions is well-positioned to address that need.


Wingspan Solutions helps organizations tap unutilized grants from multiple levels of government and philanthropy to secure additional funding. As our service is offered on a pro-bono basis, it is more affordable and accessible to organizations across the spectrum. We understand that organizations are under tremendous pressure and cannot spare the resources to scour for grants and funds. Wingspan Solutions will work with organizations, inspecting operations and interviewing with staff, to find as many sources as possible, which Wingspan Solutions will compile and forward to the organization to apply for.

Our services include:

  • Sourcing grants from governments, institutions, and organizations

  • Crowd-sourced or one-on-one operations consulting

Please contact us for additional details or clarification.

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