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Mental Health

The Central Texas Wingspan Branch is based in Dripping Springs right outside of Austin, and serves marginalized communities and students all across the state. Starting with COVID-19 relief efforts, the scope of its operations has since grown dramatically.

Community Projects

Central Texas Wingspan is proud to be part of Wingspan Solutions's nationwide virtual tutoring effort. We hope to remedy the educational impact of COVID-19 on marginalized communities with free 1-on-1 tutoring services for all ages.


We cover all subjects, including standardized test prep and college assistance for high schoolers. Tutors may also receive volunteer hours for certain service clubs.

To get tutored, please visit

To be a tutor, please visit

Texas Wingspan is also exploring partnerships with small businesses and nonprofits to organize fundraisers, drives, and volunteering events to minimize the effect of COVID-19 on the underserved communities hardest hit.

What We Do

Central Texas Wingspan aims to change the mental health crisis in Texas by creating opportunities for underserved communities, in the form of projects, learning opportunities, events, and community service.  

The Branch connects students with the organizations and educational resources they need to thrive, and likewise helps promote deeper ties between organizations and the communities they serve.


President - Teagan Krewson
Vice President - Clara Smartt

Contact us:

Follow us on Instagram: @texaswingspan

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